History of Christ Lutheran Church

Picture of Church on Dedication Day Christ Lutheran Church traces its roots back to the late 1800’s, when the Young Peoples Mission Band, a small group, organized at 15th and Shoop Streets, later to become Memorial Lutheran Church. Since opinions differed on location of a new church, 62 members withdrew to select 13th and Thompson Streets, location of our church site today. Charter members originally favored Salem Lutheran as the name, then considered Holy Trinity and eventually settled on Christ Church.

Organization took place in the Webster School, 13th and Kittatinny Streets, (the old Spanish-American Center). The Rev. D.M. Gilbert, Zion Lutheran Church pastor, presided. The date: March 15, 1890. There were 66 charter members.

The first Pastor, the Rev. T.L. Crouse, then a seminarian, was elected a month later, and assumed the pastorate July 3. On August 17 the cornerstone for a brownstone church was laid. Cost of construction: $10,000.00. The church building was dedicated March 15, 1891. Thus began our history of ministry, giving, healing, loving and accepting all in the Allison Hill area and beyond.

The picture on the right was taken on Dedication Day, Sunday, Jan. 3rd, 1926 for a commemorative postcard.

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Virtually all of this historical information was gathered in preparation for our 125th Anniversary celebration, and is the result of the efforts of Cindy Baldwin, Jill Dimpsey, Ginny Brandt, Frank Boroz, Marcia Gray, Joe Hudock and Debbie Osborn.