History of Christ Lutheran Church

The Middle Years: 1960 – 1988

Picture of Church on Dedication Day 1960 – The Rev. Raymond E. Fisher became pastor in January. The Altar Guild was organized in May.

1961 – The church constitution was amended in January to admit women to Council.

1962 – The Rev. Guy E. Miller was chosen as visitation pastor. He served until 1974.

1963 – A Handbell Choir was organized with 61 English bells.

1964 – A new Sunday School curriculum set up 12 scholastic grades

1965 – Christ Church observed its 75th anniversary September 26 to October 3.

1966 – The Heffelfinger property was purchased for $10,000. It was renovated in 1969 for the Special Education Class and in 1980 for parsonage use.

1968 – Sister Sarah Heintzelman was engaged as Director of Christian Education. (Ten years later she was ordained into the ministry.)

1969 – The church nave was rededicated September 7 after renovations involving 84 memorial gifts. The congregation approved gradual reduction of Council members from 26 to 16 in November (the present number is 12).

1970 – A three-hour Good Friday service was instituted with the Multi-Parish.

197l – A “Coffee House“ for high school students was started.

1973 – The Rev. Thomas D. Pearson was elected co-pastor to serve with Pastor Fisher. He resigned in 1976.

1976 – Bicentennial Sunday was observed July 4 at a worship service. The Rev. Harrison Ziegler, III was called as visitation pastor. The Sacristy was refurbished as a memorial to Kenneth Hackman. long-time Sunday School secretary.

1978 – The Rev. Ronald R. Mulberger was installed as a pastor to serve with Pastor Fisher. The Retarded Citizens of Dauphin County presented an award to Christ Church for its Special Education Class.

1979 – The church joined with other city Lutheran churches for combined midweek Lenten services. (joint Advent services came later). Pastor Fisher retired on August 1. Rev. Mulberger became senior pastor.

1980 – The parsonage on Schoolhouse Lane was sold preparatory to renovation of the Heffelfinger property at 120 South 13th Street for use as a parsonage/parish house, which was dedicated November 2. Council approved use of lay assistants in worship.

1981 – The Prayer Line was re-established.

1982 – Mrs. Shirley Dietz was engaged as Christian Education and Youth Ministry director. She served through l983. Weekly Communion services were authorized.

1983 – A literacy instruction program was authorized.

1984 – Major renovation of the Austin organ was carried out. Pastor Mulberger's wife Carolyn died on March 2.

1985 – Rev. Mulberger resigned as pastor effective February 15. The Rev. Alan Wenrich became vice-pastor on March 11.

1986 – The Rev. D. Michael Coombe was called as pastor on January 5.

1987 – The congregation approved Council's recommendation that an outreach pastor or lay assistant be called.

l988 – Christ Church became part of the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the new Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on January 1. A "kickoff" covered dish luncheon heralding the current Centennial celebration was held on October 1, with a German theme.