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Christ Lutheran Church has an effective and growing Health Ministry. We are not a social service agency. We are a church, a missionary congregation, blessed to be located in a neighborhood of intense need and great opportunity for mission work. If you would like to donate time, talent or treasure, please see our request list. Our services include:

Food Voucher Program - open four mornings a week, it provides food vouchers and hospitality for 1,400 people every month.

Holy Spirit Hospital's Medical Outreach Service - a free, nurse-run drop-in clinic open every weekday. It provides 800 patient visits onsite every month of first aid, simple lab tests, health assessments, health education, medical case management and items necessary to health, such as blankets, underwear, hygiene products and the like. This "Dr. Mom" clinic is the only place in a 9 block radius where homeless are welcome to come in, rest a while and have coffee or juice.  The Service also provides assistance in obtaining prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

Prenatal Care Clinic - free prenatal care for those who are not able to access Medical Assistance.

Dental Clinic free dental care available twice a month for urgent problems like fillings and simple extractions

Free Baby Furniture Bank - the only place in the city where poor women can receive the cribs, strollers, bedding and the like for their babies

Durable Medical Goods Bank and Orthopedic Bank - recycles clean walkers, bedside commodes, etc. as well as providing new splints, wraps, humidifiers and more.


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