Durable Medical Goods Bank and Orthopedic Bank

Durable Medical Goods Bank and Orthopedic Bank

The Orthopedics Bank provides items such as back, wrist or ankle supports, orthotics and splints for those who are working in manual labor jobs.

The Durable Medical Goods Bank provides canes, bedside commodes, shower chairs and adult incontinence diapers. Other items available may include assistive devices such as "grabbers," sock glides, elevated toilet seats and walkers. Occasionally wheelchairs are available.

All items are provided free of charge to needy individuals.

If you wish to donate an item(s), please call the Church office at 717-236-8382 so that we can determine if the item is currently needed. We try not to accept anything that we cannot give away fairly quickly.

Volunteers are needed to help keep a current inventory and to inspect, clean and organize all items. Please call the Church Office at 717-236-8382 to volunteer.

If you are in need of these things, please come to the Medical Outreach Service Monday through Friday, 10 AM – 2:30 PM.

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