History of Christ Lutheran Church

Memorials And Presentations


Tower Chimes

Given by James H. Gingrich, in memory of Mrs. Lizzie Buck Weimer Gingrich


Chancel Window – Given by Mrs Anna M. Alleman, Mrs. Margaret E. Goodman, and Herold K. Goodman, in memory of George R. Alleman and John Goodman.

East Transept Window – Given by Ladies Bible class taught by A. H. Snyder.

West Transept Window – Given by H. S. Smeltzer, in memory of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Smeltzer.

The Flight into Egypt – Given by Miss Rose Mumma, Miss Jennie Mumma, John H. Mumma, Mrs. Mary Jones, and Mrs. William Halfpenny, in memory of Mr. and Mrs John M. Mumma.

St. Matthew – Given by Young Men's Bible Class.

Christ Blessing the Little Children – Given by Mary A. Fackler, Samuel S. Fackler, and Charles Fackler, in memory of Ezra L. and Fannie Fackler.

Christ in the Temple – Given by class of ladies taught by J. W. Koller.

The Ascension – Given by the Ladies Aid Society.

Jesus the Good Shepherd – Given by Sunday School class taught by Mrs. W. C. Burley and Mrs. H. K. Goodman.

Luke – In memory of W. W. Ney.

Jesus, Mary and Martha – Given by The Senior C. E. Society.

John – ln memory of Mrs. Pauline Dunkel.

East Aisle – Given by the Light Brigade.

East Aisle – Given by Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Roat.

East Aisle – Given by Mabel Leidigh, G. M. Leidigh, and Mrs. C. L. Enek, in honor of Mrs. Gertrude Leidigh.

East Aisle – Given by Carolyn Mehring.

East Ais1e – Given by Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Dietz.

East Ais1e – Given by 1925 Catechetical Class.

East Ais1e – Givén in memory of Henry Zeiders, one of the founders of the church.

East Ais1e – Given in memory of Nora Rebecca Koons.

Tower – Given by Mrs. G. S. Machen, J. Paul Machen, and Mary Machen in memory of George S. Machen.

Tower – Given by Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Todd.


Altar and Reredos – Given by the Men's Bible Class.

Chancel Panels – Given by Dr. and Mrs. G. H. Widder, in memory of Rev. Dr. John H. Harpster.

Chancel Rai1ing – Given by Mrs. J. B. Fast, Harold Fast, and Mrs. H. K. Goodman, in memory of Mr. J. B. Fast.

Chancel Chairs – Given by Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Witman.

Lecturn and Hymn Boards – Given by G. H. Flickinger in honor of Mr. J. B. Flickinger.

Offering Plates – Given by M. E. Koehler.

Altar Cloths – Given by Mrs. M. H. Baker.

Cross – Given by Miss Irene Long and Harvey Orwan, in memory of Rev. H. F. Long.

Candle Sticks – Given by the Won1en’s Missionary Society.

Pu1pit – Given by Mrs. H. K. Rhoads, Albert Rhoads, Mrs. Charles Harpel, and Mrs. Harold Kilheffer, in memory of Mr. H. K. Rhoads.

Baptismal Font – Given by Mr. and Mrs. C. Earle Miller.

Pulpit Bible – Given by S. S. Class taught by Mrs. Reisch.

Lecturn Bible – Given by Intermediate C. E. Society.

Ear Phones and Akousticons – Given by Mrs. C. P. Turner.

All Lighting Fixtures – Given by the Ladies Bible Class, taught by W. A. Hetrick.

Gowns for Pastor and Choir – Given by Ladies Bible Class, taught by A. H. Snyder.